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We have come a long way since the late 18th century, when photo booths were used for portraits.
​Now we use them for entertainment for all kinds of events.

It can be difficult getting in a photo booth and trying to come up with different poses. Sometimes we need some inspiration to help us move along. Once you do get started you’ll find it’s hard to stop!!

Here are my top tips when it comes to creating the best pose!

Use your imaginations – Forget the over used “duck face” and other face expression everyone does! Think outside of the box and/or funny. For instance if you’re known for being a bit of a clown, then why not use a clown wig! Perhaps your friends call you by your last name, so maybe you could replicate that. It’s really up to you and there are no wrong or right ideas.

Use Our Props – If you are really stuck for ideas then I suggest you make use of our props we provide you. From masks, to kid toys and adult props! We have loads you can choose from.

Tell a Story – Most customers choose our classic photostrips design. These strips will print 3-4 photos in order.

Think of a Story line before you get into the booth. If you need to practice then do this before you get in, you don’t want to hold everyone else up. Make sure you have your props ready (if you decide to use them) so you can quickly switch them between each photo. Think of it like an old cartoon strip.

Practice – Some people don’t realise it but practice does make perfect, or in this case practice makes a picture perfect!

​Keep it Classy – One thing you do need to remember, although I don’t always mind the naughty pose (I know it’s easy for the naughty mind to take over) and acting like you did when you were a teenager. I urge you to remember that once the photo has been taken, it may end up on our live site for all the guests at the party to see. Don’t forget that we also keep a digital record of all the images, so don’t do anything you don’t want people to see (and no we will not post those photos on our social media pages).

So there you go! What’s your favourite pose?

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