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GIF images and Boomerangs… okay so there is a difference between them and lot of people get confused by this. You think you know, but you probably don’t. Most think they are the same thing or simply just have no idea! I want to explain this again and I’ll try to keep it fun and simple.

Let’s talk GIF images. Firstly GIF is pronounced like “Gift” but without the “T” and doesn’t sound like the cleaning product “Jif”. 

So what is it…? they are digital images, put together to make an animation. The photo booth takes 3-4 photos and then plays them one after the other in a loop. Simple but awesome!

The advantage of this is it give you a few more seconds in between photos to plan your pose for each photo. Here’s a GIF below. 

Let’s talk Boomerang images. A boomerang is also called Burst images, now you will understand why… 

… A Burst or Boomerang image is very similar to a video except it takes multiple photos (normally around 20 photos) in a short time of 3-4 seconds. Creating what appears to look like a short video that is played forwards and backwards, forwards and backwards.

Often we have our software convert the boomerang into a video. That way you will be able to post it on instagram! Just like the image below.

The advantage of this is you only need to think of one small movement and hey presto! It also looks wicked with confetti!

Lastly… Now that you know what a GIF and Boomerang is, I want to tell you about the new amazing effect that comes with one of our GIF photo booth packages. Below is a Boomerang, but it also has a slow-motion effect at the end! It looks super cool when you flick your hair! 

Hope this has helped, if you have any more questions then please contact us.

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