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Green Screen Backdrops

Digital Backdrops

Change your backdrop from this…

To this!!!

Let your guests choose their own backdrop…

Our  Green Screen Backdrops Collection

Chosen from our range of digital backdrops to suit your parties theme. If you can find what you are after in our collection than let us know what you want and we can customise digital backdrops to suit you for $50.

Christmas Theme

Christmas Patterns – Collection 1

Christmas Patterns – Collection 5

Christmas Patterns – Collection 2

Christmas Backdrops – Collection 5

Christmas Backdrops – Collection 3

Knitted  – Collection 6


For weddings we recommend that you choose just the one backdrop to suit your wedding.

Halloween Theme

Choose up to three different backdrops.

Provide your own Digital Backdrop

With green screen backdrops the options are endless. If you wish to provide us with your own images then please send it to us in high quality in 1800 x 1200 pixels. There are tons of sites you can purchase premium images and use them as backdrops! Just make sure that you are sending us royalty free images or ones that you have purchased.
PS. Remember it’s a crime to steel, so don’t steel a photo from anywhere online 🙂

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