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Choosing the Right Photo Booth Style?

With a range of different photo booths, choosing the right photo booth style for you can be tricky. You may have used one at a weddings, birthday or corporate event, and sure it was easily to use but maybe not so much easy to choose.

Here are the three main photo booth styles you can choose from. Some companies may only do one style, other like us may give you the option.

Enclosed Photo Booth

AKA – Curtain Photo booth, Traditional Photo booth

What is it?

This is where it all began, a small box! We call ours a “Traditional Enclosed Photo Booth”. Nowadays enclosed photo booths come in a number of different styles and sizes.

Generally with the enclosed photo booth they normally have a hard sturdy wall or a curtain (or an inflatable shell, but we will talk more about that later).

Normally with a curtain most photo booth businesses have a range of different colours and patterns. The one downfall about it can be the wind, so best to have in indoors.

They will also print photos, but be careful! Make sure the company you book uses a professional photo-lab quality dye sublimation printer. Not only will these photos last the longest, they also print quickly and come with a clear protective coating.


Why choose it?

If you’re having an event in a public place or venue where everyone (including people who aren’t apart of the event) can see you, then this is a great choice for privacy.

Unlike some enclosed photo booths, our booth allows more than 2 or 3 people in it. You can fit 12 people in our photo booth! You can also choose from our range of different curtains.

Although this booth is big, it does normally fit well, with limited space. The best place to have it is in the corner. Normally we like to have a 3 x 3 metre space, but we do like a little more for our huge range of photo booth props.

 Suggested photo booth events

Weddings – It’s always a classic style that just does not out date.

Indoor events – You wouldn’t want the curtain blowing around and bugs hanging out on the light, so this booth is best for inside.

Open Photo Booth

What is it?

Rather than having a curtain or wall that boxes you in and make you feel claustrophobic (unless you like to be close to other people), this booth has more space. Hence why it’s call “open air” photo booth. Some people also refer to them as a kiosk photo booth.

Open air photo booths have more options when it comes to backdrops. You could go with one the photo booth company can provide, which are normally a curtain or print design on a portable stand. There is also the option of using the venue’s wall or creating your own backdrop. Lastly you could use the beautiful view outdoors or from inside.

We have two different types of open air photo booths. The first one is the “Vintage Photo Booth”, which I will talk more about later. The second one is “Traditional Open Photo Booth”. This open air photo booth does everything our “Traditional Enclosed Photo Booth” does.

Our traditional open photo booth does slightly differ to our enclosed. When hiring this photo booth it’s best to have the backdrop further away from the booth. The further away it is the more people can fit in the photo, but not too far we want to be able to get the whole backdrop in and nothing else around it.

Another thing to look out for when hiring an open photo booth is to make sure they have correct lighting. Professional lighting is a key feature for these booths. Unlike an enclosed booth, the open needs more lighting.

Why choose it?

This is one of our favorite photo booths, because it’s simply more entertaining than an enclosed. While people are sitting down having a drink they can watch their family or friends get dressed-up and being silly in the photo booth. It gives other’s tips on what to do next; it keeps guests laughing and is a definite icebreaker.

This is a great choice if you want everyone to get in on the fun. It’ll make grandma and grandpa feel like they were all involved and they don’t even have to move. Although I will guarantee they will get in at one point.

With this booth you can fit loads more people in the photo unlike our traditional enclosed photo booth. It’s also great if you want to feel like your walking the red carpet at an awards night. With our open booth’s you can even use our green screen background.

It’s spacious, entertaining and loads of fun.

Suggested Events

Weddings – If you’re at a wedding then it’s normally a private function, so why not entertain the entire room.

GIF Photo Booth

What is it?

A GIF Photo booth can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Whether it is an enclosed, kiosk, open or tripod.

The key feature with the GIF booth is that it takes GIF images. A GIF (which stands for Graphics Interchange Format) is a series of images that are played one after the other. You could say they are like the old flipbook with the drawing of the stickman, running.

Most GIF Photo Booths don’t just do GIF images. Some can do still-shots, Boomerangs, Snapchats and videos. Being one of the most modern photo booths they don’t always print photos. Instead they normally require you to send them to yourself after each session or you may be given a link to access them online.

Along with the different types, comes the range of different equipment that photo booth business use. We find that although SLR cameras still have the best quality; the modern technology built into our phones, tablets and iPad’s have greatly improved. This is what has allowed us to change our photo booth designs to make us all different.

If you choose to use a photo booth that does use a mobile device, then ensure it’s the latest (eg latest iPad is iPad Pro). It’s best to also find out if they are using professional lighting to improve the images.

We call our GIF Photo booth “Vintage Photo Booth”, which is really far from its name. However it has been given the name because of the style. Our GIF Booth is a tripod with an iPad (Pro). It has gorgeous retro timber legs and a beauty light to ensure the photos are the best. It’s simply stylish, modern with a touch of vintage feel to it.

Unlike the Traditional Open Photo Booth we like to have the guests nice and close so you can really get the full effect of the beauty dish (light) and so if feels more like a selfie. The Vintage Photo Booth does fit 12-15 people nicely in the image.

Why choose it?

GIF Booths are another level of fun and I find a lot funnier! Other than that it is a great option for those who can’t seem to hold on to their prints.

Have you ever been out drinking; squished and ripped the paper in your pocket, lost your phone and never found what you had lost. Well having them sent to your email account is a lot easier, then having to worry the next day about who found that embarrassing photo you took in the photo booth.

It’s more environmentally friendly without prints; with our Vintage Photo Booth and it doesn’t require power when it’s fully charged and ready to go.

Our Vintage Photo Booth fits in the smallest spaces! It’s great for businesses like a boutique store. Some GIF photo booths (like ours) even have a great marketing tool built-in!

For example with our GIF booth, after each customer takes a photo they can fill out the survey that’s customized to suit your business. You can have them answer any question to improve your research. Or get them to sign up to the store club and get more members.

Suggested Events

Birthday Parties – 18th, 21st and 30th Birthday Parties love this booth!

Engagement Parties

Retail (store openings, sales etc.)

Pubs and Restaurants

Hens Nights, Bucks Party

Inflatable Photo Booth

It’s exactly what it is called “inflatable”. The inflatable photo booth is a backdrop or shell that goes around most photo booths. For example, you can use it with our traditionl or vintage photo booth.

They come in different colours and normally have  LED lights built-in which change the colour of the shell. There is a motor that normally runs but you can never hear it over the music or people talking. Also check to see if you have room for the one you want, they can be big!

Suggested Events: Corporate, Themed Parties, Hens Nights, Bucks Party, weddings

Green Screen Photo Booth

Okay so we all know how a green screen works. You may have a digital background you choose to use for the whole night or the option of changing it yourself. Either way you can feel like you’re somewhere else when you’re actually not there.

Green screen’s are available on all types of photo booths, but not everyone offers it.

See the plants backgound? That’s a digital image using greenscreen with our Vintage Photo Booth.

Suggested Events: Corporate, Themed Parties, Hens Nights, Bucks Party

What to do now?

Lastly before you book, it’s a good idea to start your research with the different local photo booth businesses within your area. Also try to book locally and support the locals near you.

Things to ask yourself

  • Do you need privacy or want a curtain?
  • How much space will you have for a photo booth?
  • How many guests do you want to fit in the photo booth?
  • Are the photos printed in high quality and last long?
  • Do you want to entertain everyone at all times?
  • Would you like to create your own backdrop?
  • If you want green screen check to see if it is available.


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