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What to expect from our Sensational Photo Booth Albums

If there is one thing we love to show off it’s our sensational photo booth albums! We have our albums locally made here in Sunshine Coast. Made from timber with a gorgeous designs you can choose from. Or have your album custom designed, because you can! The timber colours slightly vary so you know it will be unique!

Our Sensational Photo Booth Albums are perfect for weddings, engagement parties and Birthdays. So if you are having one of these special events then you may want to ensure your photos are looked after.

With our standard designs (which you can view below and above), you can choose from the following:
📍Mr & Mrs or
Mr & Mr or Mrs & Mrs
📍Best Day Ever
📍Happy Birthday

If you choose to have our photo booth album book or event if you provide your own, we will always provide pens and tape.

Your photo booth attendant will look after the album and ensure the photos are glued in nicely. They will then get the guest to write you a special message. If you want to know more about what a photo booth attendant does then check out our “Why have a photo booth attendant?” blog.

If you wish to have a photo booth album that’s even more amazing and matches your special event. Then you can upgrade your album. You can have your photo strip design match your album or simply have a custom message. Just like Mr & Mrs Hogan and Will & Moni!

Don’t forget to check out our instagram page for more images and follow “Our Photo Booth Albums” Pinterest board to see other custom designs our clients have had in the past.

If you would like to learn more about our custom designed albums for your photo booth hire then contact us today!

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