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Choosing your Photo Booth Backdrop?

You will always have a range of backdrops you can choose from; supplied by the photo booth company you’re hiring from. These days photo booth operators love having a wide selection to suit different events, from weddings to birthdays and even corporate events.

Depending on your event and theme, the photo booth company may not have exactly what you might be after or you may want to be completely different and have a unique backdrop. Don’t think that you are limited to only choosing from their range of backdrops (unless they have a enclosed booth then it may be a bit tricky to customise your backdrop).

So that brings me to my top 5 suggests (not in anyparticual order) where you can get your photo booth backdrop from.


Top 5 Place to get your Photo Booth Backdrop

1. The Photo Booth Hire Company

This would be obvious place and the most affordable option. However don’t just look at the one photo booth company, see what others have to offer. You will normally find that each company has a different range to choose from.

2. The Venue

Yes the venue! They may not know it, but they might have a great wall already there waiting for you to use as a backdrop. I particularly love a brick wall. The best part about using the venue’s wall is at least you know it will go with your theme and decor.

3. DIY Backdrop

Why not bring your own unique design. Pinterest is great for ideas check out our Backdrops board for some inspiration. Another good place for ideas is to go to your local wedding expo, you never know what you might see.

4. Local Marketplace

You can find some great used backdrops that other may of used for their wedding or event. You could try places like Gumtree, community forum or event local Facebook pages.

5. Event Hire or Event Stylist

There are a number of wedding planners and event hiring companies who have different backdrop options. One local business we love is Fairy Light Curtains based in Sunshine Coast. See the example below of their available backdrops.

Flower Wall

by Fairy Light Curtains

Green Walls

by Fairy Light Curtains

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