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Not everyone wants to choose from a selection of backdrops, for those who are creative you may want to make your own photo booth backdrop. Creating your own backdrop can be as cheap as you like and still look good. If you’re hosting a Birthday Party, family reunion, wedding or another special celebration; then adding you’re own personal touch can really add to the enjoyment of the party. Knowing that you took the time to make the perfect event can be rewarding. Here are my ideas on how you kick start your own personalised backdrops.

Streamers, Lace and Tinsel

A simple and quick way to create your own backdrop. You could use any colour streamers, lace or tinsel. This is a great way to tie-in your backdrops with your partys’ theme, with a range of colours and textures. Use a long string to tie the streamers or fabric to; then use masking tape to tape it to the wall or tie it between a couple of trees.


There are so many different ways you could use balloons as a backdrop, however one easy way to do it is with Giant helium balloons & a balloon weight. Add tinsel or streamers to hide the boring string and wala!

Foodies and Goodies

As long as you’re not tempted to eat the backdrop this might be a great idea for your out of this world party! You could really let your imagination run wild with this backdrop! Try marshmallows, popcorn, candy cane, lolly pops or even wrapped lollies. This is by far fun and creative, however I suggest you buy extra if you feel like snacking.

Paper and Craft

There are so many party decorations you can purchase, why not buy a whole heap and create something unique. Paper flowers, love hearts, pinwheels’s, fans, feathers and much more.

Anything Vintage

If you are going for a vintage look or bohemian, then there so many items you could collect to make your backdrop come together. Old photo frames, books, crates and pallets are popular. Old vintage doors and macrame arbours are lovely, if you don’t mind a bit of hard work. If your venue already has a vintage wall you could even use that, with a few of your personal touches.

There are so many things you could do when it comes to customised backdrops. For more ideas and inspiration check our this Pinterest board below.

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