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We know how much everyone loves them in the Wedding World, but we want to know 5 reasons you need a photo booth for marketing in the corporate world. Modern consumers want more than the same old boring sales pitch. They want to experience a fun journey while they learn about what you are offering. If you are doing an activation or promoting something about your business, then make it interesting.

Big companies such as Myre, Optus and local companies such as tafe East Coast, Best Western Lake Kawana and Hot 91.1 and many more use the photo booth for marketing. With big companies using photo booths for marketing, it’s proved to be a great marketing tool in the corporate setting.

It you want your event to be above standard, then read why its brilliant to have a photo booth for marketing.

5 Reasons you Need a Photo Booth for Marketing

1. Get Guests Involved

It doesn’t matter if it’s a seminar, conference, trade show, activation, awards ceremony or party. A photo booth for marketing has the power to bring guests together and get involved.
Small talk and networking naturally comes with any of these events, so adding something that may break the ice and draws attention, will get guests talking and wanting to get more involved. Not only will they be talking about it at the event but also for days after.

2. Get Your Branding out there!

Put your logo on it! There are so many more places you can put your logo, other than on the photostrips. These days photo booth companies can put your branding as the backdrop, on the email templates, on the website link for your online gallery and we can even have your logo wrapped around our photo booth. Plus more!

3. Capture Data

When you have a large number of guests attending your event it can be hard to keep track of data. One of the best tools a photo booth can have is keeping track your data. We can enter any questions you may want to asks your guests. At the end of the event you will receive the results. Our photo booths can also capture the lead’s details and send them to you after the event.

4. Share on Social Media

I don’t know why we still call it a photo booth sometimes. It’s come so far into the future, it’s far more than a camera that takes photos and prints. In-line with the latest trends, iShoot Photobooth allows guests to instantly upload their photo or GIF to any social media platform. This will allow your business to maximise exposure and build likes and followers.

We all want to increase social engagement and by allowing guests to instantly share their photos via Facebook, instagram, twitter and more, proves that photo booth social sharing is a key feature.  (Here’s a good animated photo from the Kawana Chamber of Commerce Tavern Tour.)

The best part is it stays online and they may be reminded in a year’s time that this is what they were doing last year. Reminding them again about your business or product, because your logo will be there.

5. It’s FUN Entertainment!

Of course that is why you want the photo booth! Ok last but not least, it’s not just photo booth for marketing! We want our guests to be talking about it for years. How the experience in the photo booth was so much fun and how they loved creating fun memories without even realising it. The best part is they will look forward to the next event that you hold.

Would you like to take your event to the next level? Say Hello to us today to find out how our social photo booths can help!

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