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Why have a Photo Booth Attendant?

Not all booths have photo booth attendants and you may not want one. Some photo booths are designed to not have one (like our GIF Photo booth), but most of the time I couldn’t imagine using one without an attendant. There are many good reason why you should have a photo booth attendant and trust me there is no need to be shy! You wouldn’t let your guests serve themselves at a bar and have them clean up after themselves, things can get messy and so can a photo booth. You’ll be surprised how many guests appreciate having one, once they do. I often hear guests say what a great idea it is to have an attendant and how they didn’t realise how much a photo booth attendant does.

The attendant can be the life of the party and they are there to help. So why have a photo booth attendant?

The Album Book

One of the most important things that most photo booth hires include is a photo album book. Normally there is more than one photo that will print. One photo will go to a guest and the duplicate will go into the album book for the bride and groom, birthday person or whoever hired the photo booth for their special event. As a photo booth attendant, it is there job to ensure the duplicate photo goes into that book. They will glue in the photo in and remind guest to leave a message to the bride and groom.

Unfortunately without a photo booth attendant it’s near impossible for guests to remember that they have to leave a copy in the photo album book and a message. For the ones that do remember, normally the more they drink the messier the album starts looking and less photos go into the book. Oh and another important thing is monitoring where guests put their drinks, you wouldn’t want your beautiful memories covered in alcohol or worse (yes believe it or not I’ve seen worse)!

We love Props

Yes we all love the fun props that come with the photo booth experience, but lets face it what do you do with the prop after each session? Yep that’s right you just chuck it back on the table or wherever. You don’t want the props over the other side of the room, no one will go out of their way to bring it back and you want all your guests to be able to pick from the full collection that you were given at the start of the hire. Your photo booth attendant will keep the props organised so guests can easily see what they want instead of digging their way to find the perfect prop.

The Techy Stuff

There are so many things that could happen that you didn’t plan. We know you’re no professional and we don’t want you to worry or your guests. If someone accidentally knocks the wall pug switch (which I’ve seen happen a few times) and turns off the power then your photo booth attendant will be there to reboot the booth and away it goes again. Much easier than trying to talk to them in a loud room over the phone. One common thing that does happen is the paper runs out. Now I know that this is one thing that is definitely not easy to do if you’re not a professional.

Here to Help

It’s great to have an attendant explain to you the first time you enter what is actually going to happen. The number of times I’ve seen people go into the photo booth and just stand there without touching the buttons that say “touch an option to start” is amazing. Or worse they don’t realise that the booth take 3 or 4 photos one after the other, so all your left with is one photo on the photostrip and they rest are blank.

It’s pretty rare that guests are stuck for ideas on what they can do in the booth, so your photo booth attendant is there to help.

Your Love Family and Guests

Your photo booth attendant will also monitor who has been in the booth and who hasn’t. If they know that there are guests who haven’t been in, then they will encourage them to go in at least once so that they can include their photo and message to that special person or couple.

We Understand you many not want a Photo Booth Attendant

Lastly if you are still unsure about having a photo booth attendant, don’t worry I understand completely. You may not want that creepy awkward person standing around, because you’re afraid that your crazy friends won’t be themselves in the booth. Why not meet your photo booth attendant or do some research about the business to ease your mind. Don’t worry too much about your friends not being themselves. If there is one thing I have learnt in the industry it’s when you’re in that sort of environment, they will be themselves.

There is one thing we aim for and that’s having the best photo booth attendant at your event, we know no one wants a party pooper and we are far from that!

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