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Fun Christmas Family Photos Setup

Fun Christmas family photos are a must! Now for most families it’s typical to take your children every year to get a photo with Santa, until they no longer want their photo taken with the jolly old man. Occasionally you might get Mum or Dad in the photo, but really it’s purely about the children. 

Well this is no longer the case! Over the years photo booth companies have created new and fun ways to get everyone involved. No matter the age, or wether or not you like getting your photo taken. With Christmas photos there is no difference, we still want everyone involved. This is why we have introduced fun family Christmas Photos. 

So here’s what we have done. This July at the Bently’s Annual Christmas in July Long Lunch, we launched our Fun Family Christmas Photos. Yep we want you to do the most awkward poses, wear ugly old clothing and pretend you are in the 70s/80s.

Our Fun Christmas Family Photos are not just for you and your family! Nope we want you to have a go with your work family, friends and pets! To help you figure out what to do for your awkward fun Christmas family photos, then check out these poses we just love.


Santa’s Reindeer

Get your hooves up and antlers on, it’s time for the reindeer train! 

The Uninvited Guests

Look who’s Popped In to say “Hi”

Everyone whats to spread the cheer at Christmas and catch-up. One minute you are busy doing house chores, the next you’ve had a few too many wines and decide to get your yearly group photo. Using any Christmas decoration to make it more festive!


Missed Kiss

We all no how many times it can take to get that perfect photo moment. Not here! These awkward family Christmas Photos are the best kind of poses in our photo booth. Oops someone didn’t give their Mrs a cheeky kiss!! He might be going on the Naughty List!


The Awkward Breathless Hug

Squeeze the one you love as hard as you can and show your love! There are so many cute couple poses that you can do!


The Wind Breaker – Oops Dad did it again!

There is always one who lets one slip! haha


High School Besties

Yep it’s the go to pose for friends! Peace Man!


The Friends Group Photo

Get together with your friends or people you’ve just met! Either way it’s a great way to meet people and have fun in the photo booth!


Squish Up – Awkward Family Christmas Photos

No matter how young there is always time for a photo with Mum! We love this photo it’s a perfect example of those old awkward but funny photos. There is always a blinker, someone who’s totally not ready or paying attention, someone being cheeking and the parent who puts up with these moments!


The Seedy Lean-in

Cheeky, funny… creepy? But Funny!


The Yearly Staff Photo

This Year these kidos from The Lakehouse in Brightwater wanted to join in on the fun with the awkward family Christmas photos! We love the team at the Lakehouse so why not let them add another crazy photo to their collection!


Charlie’s Christmas Angels

Oh just a classic pose, with a little Christmas twist!


Santa’s Sleeping Wives

Twas the night after Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse! Santa was happy his job was done; so he joined-in, on the photo booth fun!

Want to find out more about out Christmas Booth setup? Then what are you waiting for Contact us now!

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