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Photo Booth vs Photographer

We are often compared to photographers and occasionally we are told that they can hire a photographer cheaper than us or visa versa. Before I get into the nity grity of the discussion and talk about photo booths vs photographer, lets go through how a photographer is different to a photo booth.

The Photographer

Professional Photographers have mastered the techincal skills of a camera and editing photos. They know the ins and outs of a camera, they have experience and use professional equipment. They are artist and have an eye for taking photos of landscape, people, food and more. For all differnt clients and events.

An Amateur Photographer may have a keen eye, but lacks in skills. They may not be well versed in the use of apature and shutter speed, editing or use out dated equipment or the wrong lens for the job. Altought there are different levels of amateur photographers (like there are with professional photographers) the amateur still has some learning to do. This then results in cheaper or free photographer.

Either way amateur or pro, they can both roam around and capture the magic so it can be saved for years to come.

The Photo Booth

The photo booth on the other hand also takes photos and is often instantly printed with a professional printer. However the photo is just one small part of the photo booth. What photo booth companies really want is for you to have the experience and entertainment. The photo booth lights up the room with a carnival-like atmosphere. Guests have more control on their poses and it creates a fun memorable experience, where guests will be laughing well after the event.

Over the years to keep the experience alive we have incorporated new features, where guests are laughing harder than ever. Thanks to the silly Boomerang (a video played forwards and in reverse), digital props and loads more.

If you are lucky enough to have a photo booth attendant, then this is just another part of the experience. They will do all the hard work (read more about photo booth attendants here), plus can be the life of the party.

Photo booths are normally setup in one spot with a backdrop, guest coming and going through out the night. The photos are generally quite different from a normal photographer, they are silly, fun and guests enjoy letting out there inner child.


What should I choose, which is Better?
Photo Booth vs Photographer

As I said in the beginning photographers and photo booths are often compared, however we are both two completly seperate things and we both do things differently. I’m not telling you to get one instead of the other (they are both equally important), but figure out what you want to achieve according to your event and budget.

If you are having a birthday party and professional photos are not so important, then by all means go for the budget option. Find that cheaper photographer and cheaper photo booth company to suit your budget. Just like photographers there are different levels of service with photo booths, but just remember what they say “you get what you pay for”.

The photo booth isn’t a replacement for the photographer. There isn’t one that is better than the other, they are both equally important.

Your photographer will capture photos, but your photo booth is an experience.

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