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Our rustic vintage photo booth is our most popular booth. This booth always gets so many compliments and attention. Guests love the retro/rustic style of this booth and we really feel that it doesn’t matter if you are have a country wedding or a beach wedding, this booth just adds a wow factor to your wedding and fits in nicely. 

If you are having a corporate function then this could also be for you! We have done some amazing corporate events where we have brought the outdoors inside. Recreating the jungle inside a venue room and even bringing places like Singapore’s Botanic Gardens to life inside. It’s amazing what the imagination can create and we just love how we can blend in with nature and so many other environments. 

What you can expect with our Vintage Photo Booth

It may look old and vintage, but the equipment inside is definitely far from it. It’s not an iPad, but a touch screen, computer and most importantly we use a DSLR Camera. So basically a really good camera to capture those really awesome moments!

We also use professional lighting, so we can be in a pitch black room and it won’t matter, because we will come with the correct lighting that we need to make your photos stand out.

Just like our GIF Photo Booth it can do Boomerangs, GIF images and photos. The main difference between the GIF Booth and the rustic vintage photo booth is basically what was mentioned earlier. Professional equipment is used in the vintage photo booth rather than and iPad, which is what the GIF booth uses along with amazing lighting.

This funky retro photo booth can also do prints! They can be postcard size or photo strip size, the choice is yours.

These are just some of the basics our vintage photo booth does, but it’s not limited to just this. If you have something that you would like to try or know if we can do it, then hit us up and contact us today!

If you are really into the vintage, rustic, bohemian style then check out our sister site’s Instagram page here. 

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