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Template Designs

Designing the Photo Template

Once you have booked your photo booth Hire with us!

This is were the fun starts! Designing your photo’s template. View our designs or simple be inspired! We will create and design a photo template to suit your event.

For GIF Photo Booth Options, please see GIF Photo Booth Templates Section Below.

Step One: Choose your Photo Size

Option 1: 2×6 inches – Photo Strip (2 Copies per session)
One for the Album book one for the Guest.

Double your Prints for $150


Option 2: 4×6 inches – Post Card Size (1 Copy per session)
One Copy for the Guests or your album

Double your Prints for $150

Most customers choose to have the photo strip (2×6″) because they always come printed it twos. If you choose to have the normal photo size (4×6″) then only one image will print, it is recommend to purchase additional prints for this size so that you can put one in the album book and give one to a guest. We can do as many extra prints as you like, simply contact us to add extra prints to your package.

Step Two: Choose Your Layout

There are so many different ways you can have your photos on the template. You can have your template horizontal, vertical; the logo at the top or bottom and whatever you want written or a logo.

Design your Own

If you wish to do it yourself, then you can download the photoshop templates or png templates.

Step three: Choose a theme

If you already have a theme for your event, then we can match your template to your theme!

Send us a high quality digital version of your invitation, company logo or simply tell us your colour scheme! Any other ideas you would love to see on your photo’s template then let us know. Images are the best way to show us exactly what you are trying to acheive.

Keep it Simple

You don’t need to go over board with patters and colours. Sometimes this simplest things are the most elegant.

Just keep in mind what backdrop you have chosen. You don’t want your backdrop colours clashing with your photo’s template.

Simple Template

Dark and Elegant

If white is not your thing and you prefer a darker colour, then why not! Your photo’s that are taken in the photo booth will lighten up the overall template, if you choose to go with a nice backdrop that compliments the dark colour you have chosen.

Photo Strips Designs Mackay

Floral, Boho and Country

Perfect for wedding.

Fun and Festive

If you are having a holiday party then why not get more into the festive season and decorate your photo’s template.

Clever Corporate

If your hiring a photo booth for a corporate party, conference or charity event. Then you will want to make use of it and put your company name or logo on it! Here are some great example of what you can do.

Gif Photo Booth Templates

For the GIF Photo Booth choose a template. You can close up to 2 designs.

We can create a design and write almost anything you want!

Download the  GIF template to design your own!

Option 1: Instagram Polaroid Digital

Perfect info Instagram.

Photo Template Design

Option 2: 4×6 Long Frame

Perfect for Printing. Recommend

Hens Party Template Photo Booth

Option 3:

2×6 Four Photo Strip

Option 4:

2×6 Three Photostrip

Option 4 (example 2):

2×6 Three Photostrip

 Let us do the Work

To ensure we provide exactly what you want, we need you to provide us with as much information as possible.

What you need to provide us

  • What you want written (if you don’t want text please let us know)?
  • What colours you have in mind (e.g. Background colour, font colour)?
  • Do you have a theme/style (e.g. boho, superhero etc.)
  • Anything else you can think of that might help us (e.g. images are great!, your logo)?
  • How you would like your template set out (e.g. vertical or horizontal, three image or four etc.)?

We will do a mockup of the design and send it back to you for your approval.


Create Your Own

Download the photoshop files to design your own here.

Did you order an Album Book?

If you have chosen to hire the vintage photo booth, a complimentary album book is included for weddings, birthday, engagement parties. You can also upgrade the design on the cover.


That’s it! Please email us your information.

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